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App Marketing Bundle



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The complete inbound app marketing package to maximize your app’s organic downloads.

We’ll make sure your app is optimized for both exposure, and conversion.


The goal of optimizing for conversion is to convince more people to download your app once they’ve already landed on the app page. This is done through creating an enticing icon, screenshots, and description


When it comes to maximizing your app’s conversion rate, the icon has been shown to have the greatest effect. In fact, A/B testing with an improved app store icon has been shown to increase conversion rates by 26% on average.

We’ll create for you and icon that converts.

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A close second to the icon, screenshots have shown to increase conversion by 19% on average. Through studying the results of dozens of A/B tests, our designers have developed an eye for creating mobile app screenshots that convert. It’s not always the prettiest images that perform the best.

We’ll design screenshots that looks great and gets you more downloads.

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If a user is reading your description, they already like your app; you just need to close the sale. A/B testing has shown that better descriptions can improve conversion by 11% on average.

We’ll write you a description that seals the deal while also capturing the spirit of your app.

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While conversion optimization’s goal is to convert people on the app page into app users, exposure optimization aims to get more people to the app page in the first place.


49% of apps are discovered through app store search. If you’re not choosing your keywords carefully, you’re missing out on the largest marketing channel available for your app.

As we’re sure you know, the higher your app ranks in app store search, the more downloads it gets.

We’ll make your app rise in the rankings for relevant, high traffic keywords.

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Josh Kocaurek
Josh Kocaurek (ko-sore-ick) is the Toronto born founder of Appsposure – a marketing agency specializing in getting apps more downloads using ASO, conversion optimization, paid ads, and PR. He’s worked with publishers ranging from indie devs to studios with 150 million+ downloads to help get their apps as many installs as possible.